Conforti Business Consulting

Historic Accomplishments:

First Alert and BRK

  • CEO of BRK Electronics, a division of former Pittway Corp. for 22 years
  • Grew BRK from a start-up at $250K/yr. to sales of over $100MM/yr.
  • Cofounder of First Alert, a brand of BRK
  • BRK/First Alert grew to be the world's largest manufacturer of
    residential smoke detectors
  • First Alert became the leading brand ahead of GE, Norelco, B & D, etc. with
    an 80% unaided brand recognition
  • I/2 of the smoke detectors were made in the USA and 1/2 were made in Mexico
  • BRK had 22 consecutive profitable years under Conforti's leadership
  • BRK was sold for over $100MM

System Sensor

  • Cofounder of System Sensor, a division of former Pittway Corp.
  • Group President of Pittway Systems Technology Group with System Sensor
    in the Group
  • System Sensor grew from $5MM to over $200MM in 16 years
  • System Sensor was very profitable every year
  • From a start-up, System Sensor became the world's largest manufacturer of
    commercial smoke detectors
  • North American products are made in the USA or Mexico with local factories worldwide

Pittway Systems Technology Group (PSTG)

  • Founder of PSTG in 1984
  • The Group ultimately included—Notifier, System Sensor, Fire-Lite, FCI,
    Silent Knight, Microlite and several companies outside of the USA
  • Notifier joined the Group in 1987 and grew from less than $10MM to over
    $250MM in 13 years
  • Notifier was continuously profitable from the year after purchase from Emhart
  • Notifier became the industry leader in 13 short years and still is
  • PSTG was sold as part of Pittway to Honeywell in 2000 for $2.2 billion
  • PSTG was the most profitable segment of Pittway

Recognition Source

  • Founder and Principal
  • Patented and developed Wyreless Access, a brand of Recognition Source
  • Grew sales of Wyreless Access from $0 to millions in 3 years
  • Sold Wyreless Access to Ingersoll Rand
  • Consulted for Ingersoll Rand for 3 years

Mr. Conforti is currently on the Board of Ball Horticulture, the world's leading horticultural company and KWJ, a gas sensor company. Previously he was Advisor to Addison McKee, a world leader in car exhaust system manufacturing equipment; Veridiam, a steel tube and metal component fabrication company supplying the nuclear and medical industries. He was also on the Advisory Board of WHI Capital Partners, a PE firm.

Miscellaneous accomplishments include: Board of Governors of the NEMA, UL's Industrial Advisory Council., industry representative to the CPSC, led manufacturing operations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, England, Italy and China; has been an expert witness in several patent litigation cases.

Mr. Conforti obtained his MBA from Northwestern University – Kellogg School of Management with a concentration in operations research. He received his BS in Electrical Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology.