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What is the Operating Dynamics Survey (ODS)

The ODS is an 82 question survey that uncovers the operating culture of your company and underlying currents directing that culture, as seen by those running it – from president to supervisors. This survey is far from an employee survey. It ask questions about the organization rather than the individual. It is “we” not “I”.

The focus is on the six Critical Drivers for success and the 10 performance enablers that support how the six drivers operate.

Studies by McKinsey and the London School of Economics of more than 4,000 companies have shown that improving just three of the six Critical Drivers by 20% can improve financial returns by 42%. Well run or poorly run companies will enjoy the same benefits by improving these Critical Drivers.

Your managers' answers will result in a grade from A through G by department – and within those company segments each will have a score for the six Critical Drivers and the 10 enablers. So you will see at a glance where your company’s opportunities lie.

And if you want or need help harvesting those opportunities we ‘re here for you.

Please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, submit them. I f not, once you have filled out the form you can proceed to the survey.

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