Conforti Business Consulting

Nice Words from Great Clients

"Fred Conforti has been a valued BALL Horticulture board member for over 10 years. During that time he has been a tireless advocate for improvements in many tough and varied areas for us, ranging from consumer branding of our products to quality control in our offshore production locations."

- MS. Anna Ball, CEO Ball Horticulture

“I had the privilege of working closely with Fred Conforti for 25 years. In my forty year business career I have never met anyone as talented at designing products for production and at manufacturing engineering in general. Fred’s skills go well beyond these areas. An entrepreneur’s entrepreneur and a business leader, Fred has had extensive experience in new product conceptualization, new product development and overall product marketing. His remarkable business success reflects a very smart leader who can face challenge
after challenge and overcome adversity. In a nutshell, Fred is Steve Jobs without all
the baggage!”

- King Harris, CEO Harris Holdings

“Working with Conforti gave me the opportunity to establish a strong leadership foundation formed from three fundamental principles that he espouses: 1) focus – eliminate the distractions, identify the important few matters that will make a significant impact, then execute relentlessly 2) urgency – don’t wait, do something and do it today 3) value – make sure that you get maximum benefit efficiently from everything you do and from every penny spent. Always question why and how something is done. These three principles apply to all business matters including, but not limited to: strategy, operations, problem solving and growth as they are a way of thinking and acting.”

- Gary Lederer, President, Honeywell Life Safety Systems; Europe, Middle East & Africa

“I worked with Fred over a period of about 9 months during a period where I worked for an acquiring company of Recognition Source/Wyreless Access - a company Fred founded and ran. Fred had recognized a market opportunity and was the pioneer of wireless locks serving the electronic access control market. Since that time, many major players have entered this space building on the market he started. Fred was not only a supportive and knowledgeable partner in the transition but was a great mentor to me during and after the acquisition. Fred has a rare combination of entrepreneurial acumen, yet can work in and understand the needs of large organizations. He is en excellent leader and advisor.”

- Martin Huddart, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Architectural Hardware Group ASSA ABLOY Americas

“I had the pleasure to work with Fred Conforti when he was President of the Pittway Systems Tech- nology. Notifier was a strategic division in that Group which reported to Fred. I was responsible for the Sales and Marketing of Notifier. Through Fred's guidance and direction, my business unit grew from nearly closing its door when Pittway bought it in 1987 to becoming the largest fire alarm systems company in the world. Notifier today remains in the leadership position resulting from Fred's guidance and professionalism. Fred and I have remained business associates over the past few years and more importantly friends.”

- Allen Fritts, President, Honeywell Fire Systems Americas

"…Fred Conforti is a no nonsense business leader that has a gift in his ability to rapidly cut through the various issues that confront a business and get to the significant few factors that are truly driving its profitability. Over a period of five years, his vast experience and proven success assisted me in leading our business through a period of rapid global expansion. Fred's approach was hands-on and direct, covering all elements of our business from sales strategy to engineering out product cost to lean manufacturing on the shop floor. Fred's work transformed our business into a dominate and profitable global leader in our manufacturing space and would be a valuable asset for any business looking for significant performance improvement."

- Joe Eramo/CEO

I have had the privilege of working with Fred at two different companies. Fortunately, he mentored me when I started working at BRK Electronics, Inc. out of college. I started as an engineer and over time Fred involved me in others aspects of the business - sales, marketing, and finance. His expertise and coaching in all of these areas were very valuable and allowed me to progress quickly in my career. I still draw from my experiences with him in my present position as SVP, Sales & Marketing.

- Nick Bellavia, SVP Sales & Marketing BRK Brands

Conforti Consulting came to us mid-year when we were on track to lose $2.7 million. We did lose $2.7 million that year. However, the next year with the guidance and help of Conforti Consulting our loss was reduced by over $2 million. The next year it was reduced substantially again. We are now profitable thanks to Conforti Consulting, our team and others who also helped.

- R.T., TGE Plus