Conforti Business Consulting

What Can Your Company Expect?

No contracts, retainers, or percent of savings—just hourly billing with services terminating on request!

In addition to what is outlined on our “About CC” page, here are some of the actual recent results achieved by Conforti Consulting’s executive mentoring:

  • Led several top executives to build better teams who developed solid plans and initiatives for success
  • Raised monthly EBIT to near historic record levels (20% of sales) in 6 months after
    2 years of near zero EBIT
  • Improved on-time delivery from 50-60% to over 90% in four months
  • Over a 3 year span realized cost savings adding up to over $6MM /year in a company with sales of $55MM
  • Helped keep a company solvent through the car business downturn of ’08 that
    saw a 75% reduction in revenue
  • Found cost savings of over $2.5MM in 3 months in a company with sales of only $15MM
  • Found the cause of a UL failure affecting 50% of the company’s sales and fixed it
  • Management vacancies were filed with TOP GRADED candidates
  • Under-performing management was moved or changed
  • Completed SWOT exercises (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)
    with the team members and published the results
  • Showed management the value of a Goals and Objectives Program as a part of the ongoing culture
  • Management developed, for the first time, executable Business Plans with
    defined paths to follow
  • Incorporated a sense of accountability by management having regular progress reviews in meetings with peers
  • Metrics became a part of monthly reporting for each department
  • Lists of cost savings opportunities were generated by the team. These typically add up to millions of dollars which usually have made it to the bottom line. Almost all had paybacks of a year or less.
  • Current management and candidates were evaluated to assure that the right people were in the right seats on the bus
  • Customer service was made a higher priority
  • State-of-the-art product lines were defined and developed making the company much more competitive
  • Production and QA processes were revised for increased productivity
  • Order entry processes were revised to speed time to factory
  • Quoting was revised to qualify customers and to avoid small or profitless jobs
  • Administered a survey of managers to determine the root cause(s) of abysmal performance with startling results
  • Rebuilt trust and enthusiasm after a reorganization
  • Cut loss in one year by $2M

Be aware that there is no guarantee that if Conforti Consulting is hired the results will be comparable to what is described in this web site.