Conforti Business Consulting

Rate Your Company’s Needs by answering these questions.

Share your answers/score with me now and I will give you one hour of exploratory consulting free via conference call.

In addition I will then send you a copy of "Fred's Tenets for Beating Murphy's Law", a guide for preventing mistakes.

1. Are your customers delighted with your on-time delivery and quality?
2. Has your annual revenue increased by more than 5% per year for the last 3 years? YES
3. Is your company's Gross Margin greater than 30% for the last 3 years? YES
4. Has your company's EBIT increased each year for the last 3 years? YES
5. Does your company manufacture its products outside the USA? YES
6. Is your annual revenue per direct labor employee greater than $150k/year? YES
Does your company currently have at least 3 written Goals for every officer and manager? YES
Are the Goals reviewed at least quarterly for progress? YES
9. Does your manufacturing company have at least 1 full-time Industrial/LEAN Engineer are on staff? YES
10. Does every department (sales, factory, engineering, QA, etc.) report relevant metrics monthly? YES
11. Do most managers, officers have 4 year degrees? YES
12. Has the company celebrated a success with a group of employees in the last 2 months? YES
13. Does the company use an ROI or Payback analysis to justify capital expenditures? YES
14. Does your company purchase all equipment that pays back in less than a year? YES
15. Is your market share the largest in the segment or area you do business? YES
16. Are you comfortable that all of your managers have the capabilities to do a great job? YES
17. Do you have a peer, mentor, or Board that you get great advice from? YES
18. Does your company have the resources and talent to fix internal problems? YES
19. Are there mostly graduates (4 year engineering degrees) in your engineering department? YES
20. Does your sales staff sell on benefits rather than price to make a sale? YES