Conforti Business Consulting

What We Bring to the Table

Conforti Consulting provides many thoughtful points of view in the coarse of helping management. Each of these perspectives is aimed at improving a company's overall performance.

Some of the common problems we find that are keeping companies from doing their best include: customers not being cared for passionately, the lack of a documented plan, the Peter Principle in action, lack of accountability, being reactive instead of proactive and management being ambivalent and not hands-on enough.

To overcome these, Conforti works with owners and management to facilitate
positive initiatives like:

  • Finding an enormous number of savings opportunities in all departments of a company
  • Bringing millions of dollars of these opportunities to the bottom line
  • Mentoring (one on one) CEO's, key Officers and Managers
  • Repositioning marketing strategies to Capture Market Share
  • Uncovering the strengths and weaknesses of the organization
  • Determining the root causes of lackluster growth/profits
  • Finding the root cause(s) of systemic, cultural problems
  • Facilitating development of successful business strategies
  • Setting Goals with a solid Execution Plan
  • Instilling accountability and follow through
  • Determining the customer's key wants, preferences
  • Focusing on customer service
  • Evaluating the strengths of the managerial staff
  • Getting the right people in the right seat on the bus
  • Ferreting out and then moving or removing non-performers
  • Hiring CEOs and key executives
  • Building confidence and enthusiasm

. . . All while mentoring and helping the team build itself

Other capabilities of Conforti include:

  • Board Membership
  • Interim CEO assignments
  • Recruiting successful CEOs and Managers